Taste and See

Taste and See 

How good it is, “OUR” Father, to know You are “OUR” God! 

There is no one but You standing “BE”side us, in us and all around us. We see You surrounding everything we do; what we touch and handle of these Holy, Sacred, “Hallowed” Words we hear, not only in “OUR” mind but in the world today seeing You alive and well in the heart of mankind.

God is not dead. He lives in “OUR” “BE”ing and we know that we are Special too, Your “BE”loved named for Christ’s sake, accepted and adopted into the family of God. Your Kingdom comes when Your will is done, completed in us to “BE” Heavenly.

The sweet gift of Your Word is like bread and honey. Never failing morsels, a bite at a time, falling out of Heaven, a byte here, a bit there, in a song, on a sign, spoken or sung, written for all to see, in the sky, on the sea or where we walk and talk. We’ve never gone hungry for Your Word a day in “OUR” life is like Your care for the birds and the beautiful flowers.

Forgive us “OUR” sin in avoiding You, ignoring against all logic what You say. It doesn’t make sense storing up wrath and anger for “OUR”selves going against the grain trying to swim upstream all by “OUR”self. We are worn out carrying “OUR” burdens. Help us out from under this heavy load. We can’t bare it anymore “BE”ing alone. Take the weight of “OUR” sin off of “OUR” shoulders and bury it to “BE” remembered no more, removed far from us with nothing between “OUR” soul and the Savior. May we see others as You see us? The free bail out is just too great to refuse.

Lead us out of “OUR” chaotic behavior and deliver us from the evil one. You are so Gloriously Good!


About prayersjourney

Elder, retired, GPa, Journaling life, learning To Pray, same home over fifty years. Five sons and GKids.
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