Gawd Awful

Gawd Awful 

Gawkers are awed by it: “OUR” dis-obe-DIE-ence. “BE” not deceived, God is not mocked! Is Eve in on this too? Don’t touch, don’t taste, and don’t even look at it. Where has the entire hidden factor gone? Modesty! Exposure destroys attraction and infatuation. Intrigue of mystics where comfort was formed through feeding is now exposed instead of hidden in wonder in the secret place behind closed doors.  

We bear it all, we see it all, and nothing is left to the imagination. Whatever feels good “do it.” Oh Lord, what’s next? Is there any escape from these endings? Have the end times just arrived. We’ve seen it coming for a long time and now it is upon us. So What – Now What?

“OUR” Father, You have never ever given up on us from the day of “OUR” creation. You would never leave us or forsake us now. You are right here in the middle of this ever present chaos calling us by Your “BE”loved One’s name. “Christ-Ones”, we’ve a new name written down in glory. There is still a great host of Heavenly messengers in the earth. “BE”livers living the life of Your Son again in these “skin-suits” doing what You will in us.

“OUR” Father, You Word is like morsels of bread sought out each day to feed “OUR” hungry souls, given just a taste of Heaven on earth. You Word we have seen and have heard, and have handled of the Word of life. Feed us until we want no more. Forgive us when we step over the line drawn in the sands of time. The debt of love pays for all we owe and we still insist “doing it” “OUR” way. How can we ever repay unless we can do for others as you have done for us?

Show us how to go beyond “OUR” greed to fill “OUR” need of Your Spirit and not the spirit of “OUR” times. Deliver us from the evil one, the deceiver. There is power in the glory that surrounds You. Endless love, how can it “BE”?


About prayersjourney

Elder, retired, GPa, Journaling life, learning To Pray, same home over fifty years. Five sons and GKids.
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