The Truth

The Truth 

How can we know for certain we can “BE” safe? Their wrath shall surely come to threaten “OUR” very soul. How may we escape if we neglect so great of a way out? It’s nature, the battle of the fittest. “Folks are dumb where I come from; they had no Book nor learnin. They’re doin what comes naturally.” Evolution is to their ruin.

You have not designed us for an ash heap “OUR” Father, but You have created us to “BE” Heavenly! How can it “BE” that we should gain an entrance in You Holy Place? To “BE” named among Your “BE”loved family. It’s Your will to completely restore us to “OUR” original ‘earthsuits” to “BE” holy as You are Holy!

Your gift of life comes in every day, one day at a time, renewed by the bread of life. You naturally feed us out of Your storehouse of abundance. We peck and choose bits and pieces where we never toil or spin. We come to the waters and draw freely from the fountain of life daily. Your Word is like that!  We depend on it. Your Word in these “hydes of skin” that guarantee life everlasting. How can we know? Jesus says so! “You, “OUR” Father have made Him to “BE” sin for us who knew not sin that we may “BE” made as Holy as He is in Your sight.” To “BE” perfect as You “OUR” Father we can see is in Your Son. He is the resurrection and the life where no man comes except by Him.

No other way where a man can “BE” safe! “Except the right-in-us exceeds that of the scholars and the “Fair-I-Sees”, called “Christians” we too would perish. To “BE” loved by You, made right by You is all we can do to do what is right. Whatever separated us from You is hid, buried, removed to be remembered no more to prepare us a place in Your presence. Can others see we are Your Disciples by tasting what we’ve tasted in the light that cannot “BE” hid?

Show us the way out of disaster and disease, deliver us from the evil one who lies and says You’re not true. He has no part in the glory of the power of the cross to restore us bodily to endless life that honors You “OUR” Father!


About prayersjourney

Elder, retired, GPa, Journaling life, learning To Pray, same home over fifty years. Five sons and GKids.
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