Jesus, symbolism of Your name in any language comes from above. It’s a wonder where it comes from for there is no other name given among men where we can “BE” safe with You! Is it a language of love? Known for “OUR” love that as far as anyone can tell that we are Your Disciple when we pray, OMG, Oh My God? Or, are we known in “OUR” native tongue to pray “for Christ’s sake” or for “God damn it”?

“Geez”, Guessing is short for Jesus, but in a language of love, Words, in any language, on your mind or heart, comes out when bumped, that have meaning. Who you are in us, stored up through the day that cries out in a whisper, in a still small voice in the middle of the night behind closed eyelids, closed doors to “OUR” secret place of prayer.

We let “OUR” requests that are stored up to “BE” who we are known to “BE” unto You, the originator of “OUR” “BE”ing, knowing You are the only One who listens to answer the plea of “OUR” heart where You dwell. “OUR” secret place is Sacred, we come the only way we know how; the Hallowed Spirit within us says, come in Jesus name.

The things we have seen and have heard and have handled of Your Word to us is Holy. To “BE” holy as You are Holy, no one could ever dream this up. We are standing on Holy ground in the presence of Angels all around, witnesses of the fact what Jesus does for His “BE”loved ones when we “BE”live in His name again, with sins forgiven and forgotten, buried, hid and removed to be remembered no more; given His name, “Christ-One”, that the whole wide world will know the love of Jesus and how we can love them too!

Coming out of “OUR” chaos, delivered from the evil one, we are Yours no matter how we say it. Your power is greater in us than what in the world is going on! “Glorious


About prayersjourney

Elder, retired, GPa, Journaling life, learning To Pray, same home over fifty years. Five sons and GKids.
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