Now What?

Now What?

So What the world goes mad, denies You, “OUR” Father are in Your converts who give up their anti-god talk when they first “BE”lived Jesus is who He claims to “BE”, the express I AM age of Your person! 

So What are we to “BE”live when all of “OUR” unright-in-us is made to “BE” renamed for Your Son “BE”ing right-in-us? His righteousness is “OUR” claim to fame! For You have made Christ who knew no sin to “BE” sin for us, makes us, “__________.” 

Now What that makes us in trusting Him to deliver accepted in Your “BE”loved Ones more than just an acquaintance but a Dominate “BE”ing of “DO”ers of Your Word who willingly express Your I AM age of Heaven on earth in these “earthsuits”!

So What is the logic in reasoning to question who You are who have called us out of this world to give us Your Word in bite size, or bytes of blogs, to consume “OUR” food for thought, a daily portion with no question about it, Your terms of endearment gives us confidence in who You are, Dear Daddy, Abba, Father. You can do anything; You can save, You can keep, You can cleanse and You will, You can do anything but fail!

Now What gets in the way is “OUR” unbelief that finds no relief in going ‘it’ on “OUR” own. 

So What if we are sorry for “OUR” sin? Is that good enough to save us? Just being sorry? All the right-in-us is like filthy rags, to admit that to begin with but to turn away and turn towards You to provide the way out of this turmoil that questions who we are in You is beyond belief. We are who You say we are; Children of God! 

Now What do we owe for the debt of love fully paid other than to extend it to others? 

Now What? It’s Your lead!


About prayersjourney

Elder, retired, GPa, Journaling life, learning To Pray, same home over fifty years. Five sons and GKids.
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