To Get Ahead

A Head on “OUR” Shoulders

Someone said “You ought to get ahead in this world,” “You need one”! 

We’ll need one; a crystal ball to see “OUR” future with You Father, an adventure in a lifetime guaranteed to succeed in the midst of vultures that pick at the flesh and ADD, Attention Deficit Disorder, constantly change of mind.  To think and feel, to know You who You are “OUR” Father, Designer and Maker, Creator of a universe dependent on who You are.

Created in Christ Jesus to do good, named for His “Christ-ones” in a Dominion that is out of this world. “BE”livers of Your life restored to the real thing and not part of a mob scene, human marketing, pushing imitations that look authentic but are cheap copies of the original.  Not willing to let anyone “BE” misled by misdirected seekers who, perish the thought, trip and fall for the free for all, the misguided, leading the blind to stumble into ditches.

Whose Word can we “BE”live again? Who can we go to? You have the Words of everlasting life. Everything else is temporary and stays here, but Your Word endures forever. To think we could do “OUR” own thing leaves us wanting lost in splendor and pride. The sin is in not trusting You from first impressions of You on “OUR” lives when we first “BE”lived as a child.

We owe You to go back where we first met You and agree with the Author and finisher of “OUR” faith. Thank You forgiving and cleansing us from all sin, led out of this chaos that captures the soul to “BE” delivered from the evil one’s trap. 

The choice is in the power of the cross that sets us free to resurrect the glory that “BE”longs to You that is endless.

We are never alone, You walk beside us. “Glorious!”


About prayersjourney

Elder, retired, GPa, Journaling life, learning To Pray, same home over fifty years. Five sons and GKids.
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