Who have we been asking? “OUR” Father is rich and knows best how to make heaven on earth. We ask so “OUR” joy may “BE” full. We have not because we ask not. So, what shall we do? If we don’t “do it” now, then when? 

What will it take to stop all this consuming going on? We consume it all on “OUR” own lusts and watch others sink or swim. Where are “OUR” treasures? Why would we NOT think that heaven and earth are filled with Your praises out of Your storehouse of abundance? When we bow and thank You for all You have given is why aren’t we filled with praises for all You have entitled us to. 

We “BE”long to stand in Your presence clean and fully dressed, holy and acceptable to You. Your Son is right-in-us restoring us in Your I AM age that gives us right to dwell in peace with “OUR” neighbor. Do we know them like You do and what they have need of in “OUR” own little corner of the world? 

We ask You to give us this day what we need to feed “OUR” family. You never resent giving us Your Word to fill us to overflowing. What do we have need of? How can we meet what needs to “BE” complete in the neighborhood, on the street where we live? 

Can we “BE”live the life of Your Son again in us right here where we are at? That would “BE” a touch of Heaven on earth! Let’s begin here in “OUR” home forgiving one another  like we have been forgiven. 

It is a fresh start when “OUR” sin is buried and hid, removed to “BE” remembered no more. Show us the way out of sorrow and sadness to deliver us from the evil one. 

It’s powerful to live like You plan giving us endless glory. Show us how, we ask in the precious name of Jesus!


About prayersjourney

Elder, retired, GPa, Journaling life, learning To Pray, same home over fifty years. Five sons and GKids.
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