It’s Not All His Fault

We are the one to blame! You say he may not even share the same DNA? Perhaps his mother could not withstand an intruder? What’s your excuse? Who’s your daddy? But who He is he learned from us. The only God he could see was He in us. He has more caught than taught from his model who is “OUR” Father. The “One” who creates in us His I AM age of holiness.

He is able to “BE” in us Mighty to save, working out His good pleasure, to rescue the perishing, care for the dying, His mercies new every morning.

Born with brain damage he can still sense an awareness of Your presence “OUR” Father. His eyes are on us, We are responsible even though a word is not spoken he hears Your voice. No sense, no feeling!

To know the “ONE” who is Holy, come from Heaven is above all we could do. More than we could ask or think He exposes Him self to us with the title, “Abba”, Dear Daddy! We know He is “OUR” Father by giving us His name.

“BE”ing made in His I AM age, to “BE” Holy as He is Holy, the just for the unjust. His “BE”ing made right-in-us. It’s a brand new world after all. After all is said and done, He wills and it is so! He is the One who says it is good. His will completes us, done, finished!

We grow up in Him knowing His will for us and “DO”ing it. The gift of His Word is sweet, like candy from the candy cane, a taste of His presence today. One day at a time we grow in His love. The old is passed and everything new has come. New Word, new taste, new direction, new hope, He sets “OUR” feet on higher ground. We have a new song to sing, a new mind and a new heart. “OUR” old sin is gone! We are saved! We even see others through His eyes.

We are led, not in turmoil, through the valley of the shadow of death where we fear no evil but trust Him to deliver us from the one who seeks to destroy.

We are in Him because He is in us. His power is great within us to “BE” in His presence forever. “Glorious”!


About prayersjourney

Elder, retired, GPa, Journaling life, learning To Pray, same home over fifty years. Five sons and GKids.
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