You Are Highly Favored

What must it “BE” like to “BE” the most loved of all?

Your Creation longs for You “OUR” Father above all. There is no other name in all the earth where anyone can “BE” safe. “We have turned everyone to his own way and the Lord has laid on Him (Christ) the iniquity of us all.” This is Heaven on earth to “BE” loved by You. How great is that?

We give birth to the Son-of-God is the highest honor. His story speaks for itself every day throughout all time. Today is the day, the gift of life when we “BE”live again the life of Your Son again in us. The seed not aborted, planted in “OUR” hearts bring conception to occupy and identify us with Your presence in the host of Heaven. Blessed “BE” the name of Jesus!

Until time shall “BE” no more, Your Word endures forever. Where can we go? Who has the Words of eternal life? To whom shall we run? It is no wonder You are the greatest King ever lived in the greatest Kingdom in all the earth.

You design, build and deliver faithfully Your Domain in the trusting hearts of Your Saints. “OUR” minds are filled with the wonder of it all and praise You for who Your are in us. Daily, You fill “OUR” cup to overflow with Your love and forgiveness in the face of terror and turmoil.

Face to face with Christ “OUR” Savior, what will it “BE”, when in beauty we behold Him, the Christ who died for us? We are living sacrifices, holy and acceptable onto You. “OUR” Father, presented as the most reasonable thing we could do considering what You have done for us.

We cannot let this world press us with its standards into its mold but “BE”ing transformed by the renewing of “OUR” minds we press on to the mark, the high calling which is in Christ Jesus! Christ in us, “OUR” hope for glory!


About prayersjourney

Elder, retired, GPa, Journaling life, learning To Pray, same home over fifty years. Five sons and GKids.
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