Who I AM

Who Am I?

I’m sorry, but how do you remember who I AM? We meet here in the hallways of the highest court in Heaven to give testimony to the things we have seen and heard and have handled of the Word of life.

I may not remember but you do and we have your word on it. Your Word is greater still! Time is not past but present in eternity. How warm is the recollection of Your Saints as to who I AM. It is You who have made us and not we “OUR” selves. To “BE” known as I AM known. “OUR” Father gives us light and life together for the making of who we are and who You are in us, recognized for who You made us to “BE”; Holy, clean and revered without any spot or wrinkle, pure and white as the newly driven snow. I may not recall, but You do!

For the moments we were lost in You love, ecstasy put an instant recall of Your presence in Your presence in Heaven. To “BE” made righteous in Your sight, You Son, “OUR” Savior has washed us clean as snow. The flakes of heaven melt all away in the warm glow of who You really are, “Hallowed ‘BE’”ings.

To “BE” named after You One and only Son with the gift of His title deed to stand here along side of all these others named for His sake. Resurrected and redeemed, restored bodily is more than a dream comes true, but eternal in the heavens having escaped the wrath that is to come. We are forgiven, cleansed and free to tell the truth, the whole truth of “OUR” forgiveness of others who have sinned against us. They may not remember, but we do. That is what separates the chaff from the grain, the sheep from the goats. It is with a breath of kindness You blow the chaff away and keep what is worth keeping.

We rejoice here in Your presence, righteous and true, delivered from the evil one who has kept us in the dark, but You have come to light up “OUR” life!

How long can this go on? Forever, we pray!

Who can bring an accusation against “OUR” Father’s elect? If Jesus says so, it is so! I AM and that is my name!


About prayersjourney

Elder, retired, GPa, Journaling life, learning To Pray, same home over fifty years. Five sons and GKids.
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