Sweet Smelling Perfume

Fragrance like Jasmine waft like a cloud over the neighborhood evening air, a lite lilt, so light that you strain to sniff out its aroma.

Two little words so fragile to describe the event soon to befall us are faint in “OUR” memory, Father, of Your coming to an event near us, confirmed by Your presence of who You are in the world today; in US, Holy, Holy, Holy Lord God Almighty, early in the morning we lift “OUR” voice to Thee.

You gave us a voice to praise You, a song to sing with only the Word You know. A Heavenly language of love we breathe a breath of fresh air within “OUR” “BE”ings, knowing it is Your Word. Like a midnight dream that fades we can no longer capture their meaning with faint promises. Not that they go away, but that we go astray. How are we to know what is in store for Your Saints?

We seek Your truth in “OUR” prayers when we are close to You like perfume aroma’s sweet smelling savor, a foretaste of glory Divine. O to “BE” like Thee, O to “BE” like the, precious Redeemer, Savior and friend. Come in Your stillness, come in Your fullness, stamp Your I AM age deep on “OUR” heart!

Lead US out of chaos, sin and pride into Your presence to stand by Your side.

Deliver us from evil, the one whose stench sickens the scene of who You really are in us.

You live in power, in a Realm that overcomes with great glow-rays of Your light and life. “Glorious”!

Some day You’ll make it plain to see, someday when Your glory will “BE”, someday throughout eternity we will understand. Then face to face with Christ “OUR” Savior. What will it “BE”? But, for now it is a faint touch of who You really are. “Priceless”!

About prayersjourney

Elder, retired, GPa, Journaling life, learning To Pray, same home over fifty years. Five sons and GKids.
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