Making A Saint

Created in crisis or created in Christ? The Anointing is in Who rather than What! “For He has made Him (Christ) To ‘BE’ sin for us who knew no sin that we may ‘BE’ made the righteousness of God in Him.” “BE” perfect as “OUR” Father in Heaven is perfect.”

Does chaos demand justice? We’re getting what we deserve, isn’t there any mercy? No excuse for bad behavior but relief comes in the offering. To “BE” bailed out of jail is nice, not penalized for what was thought as progress gone astray. We did it “OUR” way! Is mercy enough? Is it what you really need or want? Not just feeling sorry for sins but truly pardoned, set free from the penalty, justified like it never happened. What would that take?

“OUR” Father, the Creator of Heaven and all that is in the earth restores to His original intent a people for His names sake, walking and talking with Him in sweet communion. He gives us more grace, regardless of what we think, that is beyond all measure. No merit of “OUR” own but undeserved Word that is completed in us that seals His Covenant to us.

The captive is set free from bondage and sin. To admit it is more than a substitute for “OUR” inequality, iniquity and inequity to actual “BE” named for a Savior who pays in full for all the debt we owe Him and others who we have sinned against. We can do the same for those who sin against us!

We inherit His standing and title to Sonship that is rightfully His last will and testament to Deed over to those who “BE”live the life He leads to restore us bodily in a place prepared in His presence forever. “Glorious”!

Led out of “OUR” bondage, sorrow and night, Jesus we come, Jesus we come into Your freedom, gladness and light, Jesus we come to Thee!

Created unto Jesus to good works, Without Him there is no hope!


About prayersjourney

Elder, retired, GPa, Journaling life, learning To Pray, same home over fifty years. Five sons and GKids.
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