Bloody Road Ahead 

Danger/Warning, someone removed the guardrails. Pathway treacherous! Everybody’s doing what they thunk is okay. Entire Nations are left on their own to sink or swim.

“OUR” help comes from above. Father in Heaven help us. Only You know what is right. If the Nations rage and imagine worthless things and are destroyed with their lack of knowing You, what can the righteous do?

There is no other name under Heaven where a young man can cleanse his ways and “BE” saved. The only Sacred ground is at the foot of the cross where we are all equal. All “OUR” inequities and pride are cast down at the feet of Jesus. A “Hallowed” name above all others. High and lifted up, we are made Holy because He is Holy. All right-in-us is as filthy rags. All “OUR” un-right-in-us was laid on Him who knew no sin that we may “BE” made as right as He is in “OUR” Father’s eyes.

To “BE” named for His “BE”loved Son, adopted in the family of God, how good is that? No one could dream this up. “A Kingdom not made with hands eternal for heavens sake. Let us “BE”live it again and “DO” the right thing. How can it “BE” that we should gain an entrance in the Savior’s blood? He died for us that we may “BE” called the sons-of-God.

He gives out of His storehouse of abundance, His Word for daily endurance of living His life again in us, freely and without charge or price, bestowed on all who believe.

A new economy, sin forgiven, free to love one another who escape debtor’s prison with all “OUR” sin, buried, hid and removed to be remembered no more. Out of sight, out of mind! Who wants to live like that, delivered from the evil one to an endless land of delight? “Awesome”!


About prayersjourney

Elder, retired, GPa, Journaling life, learning To Pray, same home over fifty years. Five sons and GKids.
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