What a Waste

Hold it! “Those with the most, rules”. Not necessarily!

Price is too high to meet demand. Need is greater than greed. What cost “OUR” striving to “BE” noticed?

It’s just a drop in the bucket compared to Your storehouse of abundance to satisfy a hungry dying world.

When we wake up, You are always there “OUR” Father filing “OUR” desire to “BE” made whole from Your storehouse of endurance, created in Your I AM age!

“OUR” days are numbered, but You go beyond “OUR” fault to meet “OUR” need. Amazing grace will always “BE” “OUR” portion; For it was grace that bought “OUR” liberty! Oh to “BE” like You, “Hallowed”, Sacred, Holy and above all without a fault, that centers upon who You are. You are bigger, higher and larger than anything we could ever dream up to do.

While the world’s biggest losers shed there weight in grief, trying to come out on top and look good by their performance, it’s never enough to satisfy, ruling it over others with their own rules when leaving Your will, plan and purpose behind for the sake of argument.

Your Word outlasts anything we could ever say. You tell it like it is and back it up with many infallible proofs to feed “OUR” souls every day. At the end of the day You fill “OUR” cup with portions of love that care for us, one day at a time!

We get “OUR” selves into a horrible mess trying to “do it” “OUR” way when we really would rather not. We pass the limit to “OUR” debt ceiling that could never “BE” repaid when we have spent it all on “OUR” self rather than doing for others as You would like us to do. How do we forgive “OUR” debts as You do?

Where are we headed when tempted to “do it” “OUR” self when we did it “OUR” own way? God forbid! Deliver us from the evil one.

Performance is condemned by what we owe You, but the “Performer” is preserved forever bodily by the power in the cross. “Glorious”!

Only what is done for Christ will last!


About prayersjourney

Elder, retired, GPa, Journaling life, learning To Pray, same home over fifty years. Five sons and GKids.
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