S. SOG or SOB? It is You who have made US and not we ourselves.

Son of God to “BE” known as I AM known, just look at me now and see this  is not really all me, I just live inside of here! I AM still that little child that first “BE”lived You are “OUR” Abba, Daddy.

H. Heaven is where we “BE”long to “BE” all You made us to “BE”, Made Special to “BE” in Your presence a truly Sacred personality given a “Hallowed” name along side all of Your Saints. A Kingdom Reign in Majesty and power to save a soul like mine. You made this mud pie into a vessel fit to “BE” used by God, eternal in the heavens. You are the potter, I AM the clay.

A. After Your will, You made US fit. A place prepared for US to act like Your children that started here in side this pot belly. What we do to get noticed, to be seen of men, not really! “OUR” desire is to “BE” like Jesus. His will “BE” done in US as it is done in Heaven.

P. Please give US this day a Word of Praise, a pat on the head, an “atta boy”, that’s the way to walk and talk today to “BE” seen by God what we “Otta BE”. Don’t look at “OUR” outward appearance. This isn’t all me, we live inside here by the faith that Jesus gives, never dies always lives. To live His life again inside US.

E. Everything we owe, is all to You, “OUR” Father. All “OUR” inequities are laid at Your feet, equality at the cross. We are the ones responsible, but You paid in full what we owed. Now we are free to “BE” Holy, clean and a new personality restored in Your original I AM age bodily, is how we see one another “BE”ing loved by God.

Shape US not after “OUR” own image, but deliver US from the evil one to “BE” made like You!


About prayersjourney

Elder, retired, GPa, Journaling life, learning To Pray, same home over fifty years. Five sons and GKids.
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