Unbelievers! Achmed the dead terrorist dummy suicide bomber’s bomb blew off accidently because he is not very smart, didn’t he know we are all sons of Abraham.

Identity is in DNA of the father’s blood, not the woman.

“OUR” Father who is in Heaven names us among His “BE”loved who “BE”live the life of His One and only Son again in these “earthsuits” by the blood of Jesus Christ!

“BE”ing made Holy through the promises of His Son, we are adopted into the family of God with all the birth and death benefits deeded to us. Rights to “BE”come the sons-of-God, a Kingdom not made with hands eternal in the heavens, Hallowed “BE”ings!

A certificate directed to us through His Word to “BE” complete in us and make us whole in “OUR” Father’s eyes. His Will Done!

His Word, a Covenant, contract made in heaven, like The Bread of life, feeds “OUR” very souls with nourishment daily when it is fleshed out as living sacrifices in these skin costumes, just like on some Hallowed evening as living sacrifices, Holy, acceptable unto “OUR” Father who made us.

What more could we ask to make sense of “OUR” fallen state, considering “OUR” sins all paid for, it is the most reasonable thing we could do to present “OUR”selves forgiven, not as some dead skeleton, but cleansed from all un-right-in-us by the blood of Jesus Christ. He makes us as right as He is in Your sight a truly Holy “BE”ing, forgiven and free to worship You.

Not to be led astray by our transactions to sin, but restored bodily out of the temptations and testing trials set out to destroy us and delivered from the evil one who would want us to bow down to him.

Your place prepared for us to “BE” is an everlasting economy, debt free that is not in the power of purse strings, but in the power of the Cross to resurrect within us a lively hope to give glory to Your One and only Son, Jesus!

Jesus paid it all, All to Him we owe!


About prayersjourney

Elder, retired, GPa, Journaling life, learning To Pray, same home over fifty years. Five sons and GKids.
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