We Can’t Fake It

“OUR” Identity is in You, Father. To think of all those in “OUR” family of friends because of who you are and with someone who is missing right now, we make “OUR” requests known unto You. Time has swept their memories away but in Your eyes never fade away from Your sight. Time knows no limit, Your love no measure and boundaries’ are known only to You. Out of Your infinite riches in Heaven, You give and give and give again.

You have made us to “BE” Holy as You are Holy! You are true and never extinct. You existed before there was time, names and titles. We cannot hide who You are inside of us. Words may fail us but Your Word never fails. A word of lies at “OUR” doorstep cannot hide or brush away memories of who You are. Your Realm knows no borders. You will it and it is so! We are created unto good works. Symbols of who You are born in these “earthsuits” alive and well on planet earth today as a gift from You. “OUR” Father.

Pardon pay backs are due You. We can’t hide “OUR” debts when we have exhausted “OUR” store of endurance, Your full giving has only begun. We all have gone astray in wild living, turned everyone to his own way, but You have laid on Your One and only Son the inequity of us all. We need others to forgive us as well as what we owe them from what You’ve given freely to us.

Present us faultless before Your Throne, not accused in “OUR” blame and shame game. Deliver us from the evil one who has every right to accuse us day and night, but You are able to save. Your might and power are great to overcome and are greater in us to give glory everlasting!


About prayersjourney

Elder, retired, GPa, Journaling life, learning To Pray, same home over fifty years. Five sons and GKids.
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