Christ for King

King of kings and Lord of lords “OUR” Father is in knowing who You are. It is Heaven on earth to “BE” named among Your elite “BE”loved, the elect of God!

What more could we ask Father than to ask to bear your name above all names? Your Rule and reign over the Nations with all the rules that are right, proven when they are practiced. We can only imagine what on earth it will “BE” like when Your will is done in all the earth just like it is in Heaven!

What on earth do we have to give up discovering what we really need for this day in time when we would rather “do it” ourselves?  When it is all said and done we can trust in Your Word that has been around every day for thousands of years surrounding those who would kill it.

Any right-in-us is as filthy rags. Nothing can compare to You “BE”ing right-in-us cleansing us from “OUR” sin. We owe You a debt of love and grace. May we never stop repaying that to others who have sinned against us!

Who is it that comes out of so great a tribulation coming upon the earth as those in robes washed white, delivered from the evil one? Are we those who “BE”long to the King of kings, “BE”living again the life of His Son by the power of the Spirit of God restored bodily to give glory to Him.? All “OUR” Hope is in Him!

The new economy in absence of money we come to drink freely to buy and sell without money, cost or price. Who needs congress or a president to rule over us when we can “BE” busy in “OUR” Father’s business?


About prayersjourney

Elder, retired, GPa, Journaling life, learning To Pray, same home over fifty years. Five sons and GKids.
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