Who Was That?

The masked man, that lone stranger that came to town and rescue us in a crisis that said “No God”, “No Policeman”, No Firefighters”, and “No one who died” is important anymore from this Sacred Memorial. Self-aggrandizement, arrogance, his puffed up self-impertinence will soon sour and be forgotten. He will fade away like a wilted weed. The One who he has to do with, shall never die. Their memories that shout out “Oh My God” will live beyond those who stir in their moments of self-importance will fade away and rot with their money and influence.

The faith of the child who “BE”lives as “OUR” Father’s sons and daughters is kept in a perfume bottle as a sweet aroma to “BE” opened in the heavens. The prayers of the Saints! The ain’ts, ain’t not more!

A “Hallowed ‘BE’ing” named in the Heavens among those first responders resurrected bodily out of the Tower Monument built over their grave sight when the tomb opens for them to rise above those who have become dust.

The kingdoms of this world may pass away, but the Word of the King of kings endures forever. Like gifts of bread for the eater today is their strength in their hope for tomorrow.

We owe a debt of love and respect that cannot be repaid with just words with no hope the self-important ones may set for themselves. May we never stop repaying the debt of love Your Sons have laid at Your feet as a sweet sacrificial offering just because some minor prophet basks in their self-imposed ceremony to consume us in their own lusts. Future generations will never know who they were, but the strong tower they have resurrected will stand guard over their grave.

You, “OUR” Father have delivered us from the evil one, Your Kingdom is in the power and the glory that overcomes forever!


About prayersjourney

Elder, retired, GPa, Journaling life, learning To Pray, same home over fifty years. Five sons and GKids.
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