A Gimmie Narcissism

Surveys say, “I’m right”. See, I told you so. Everybody agrees with me. My thoughts were right all along. It’s mine, I deserve it!

“OUR” Father, it is You that brings glory out of Heaven to life. We are holy because You are. You made us fit right into the Realm where You Rule. Your plan has rules to do here like where You are Lord of all.

“Your mercies are new every morning.” Each day You give what is needed for one day at a time. Today is the day of salvation. No I, me, my, mine regardless if anyone agrees with me. 99% may join together with one another where the majority mob rules their own destiny. Loud and boisterous get the attention for the day, but joy comes in the morning. “Your Word endures forever”!

In the heart of man is deceit, always searching to have it his own way, to look good and come out on top of every debate in ruling his own destiny. We have transgressed “OUR” Father’s rules of order. We know better and did it “OUR” way anyway because it feels good, therefore sinned against Your plan for us.

No one understands like Jesus. He cares for us. It would be justice if we get what’s coming to us. We meet Him at the place of mercy not giving us what we deserve. But he goes beyond “OUR” need and gives us what is undeserved, The favor of His grace of an all inclusive inheritance with all the title deeds of “OUR” Father’s rights to a place prepared for us to “BE” Holy!

May we “BE”live You Son’s life again in these “earthsuits” “BE”ing as forgiving to others who sin against us? It’s the meek who inherit the earth, not the weak who join gangs to take over.

Lead us not to “BE” deceived in the difficulty of wanting everything “OUR” own self, but deliver us from the evil one who seeks to destroy.

It’s not normal to follow the crowd and forget who it is that creates a holy society with the power of pardon without a price or shame of brokenness, free to “BE” in a Heavenly host, “Glorious”!


About prayersjourney

Elder, retired, GPa, Journaling life, learning To Pray, same home over fifty years. Five sons and GKids.
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