Yes, Christie, There is a Christmas

Take a Golden Dollar and give it away to the first little child you see and watch their face light up. See him in the Dollar Store trying to make up his mind what is the best gift.

Your Daddy may give you a shiny new Dollar but when you’re willing to give it away to another, that is Christmas. “OUR” Father’s gift to us is much more than a coin, but sends His Son from Heaven to give His Love for us. This Holy moment is the day you see Him in the Golden gift of Christ, mass giving gifts to others like a child who can only return the favor with a glee filled smile. The heart of Christmas!

So, this year take one Gold Dollar and give it to one child to make their day merry. Let’s build a Kingdom on earth that does as you do: Give, as it was given to you!

When the Word gets out around that the Golden Dollar is still the most valuable coin on earth because someone gave; that’s Christmas!

It’s a sin to keep it for your self. “OUR” Father forgives us when we see “OUR” sin of selfishness and when we repay the debt of love He gives. So, for thirty pieces of silver or gold we can make Christmas happen all over again for a child who’s only terrible thing is in not knowing they are loved. So, let’s show the love of Jesus in the face of a coin we gave away today. Christmas every day around the world!

Deliver us from the evil one who would hoard all the gold.

Let us show the love of “OUR” Father in the power of His gift by giving it away to another, “Glorious”!

  • Note: Better get permission from Mama before you give, or better yet, give it to her to give to her child.


Think about it for a minute.

Who would steal a dollar coin from a child?

Who can carry too many of these dollars in their pockets?

Who says the dollar is not worth anything anymore?

Who can see what it is in the eyes of a child?

Get a $25 Dollar roll of Golden Dollars and give them away this year!

Operation Christmas Child – Put one in every shoebox or Halloween bag.


About prayersjourney

Elder, retired, GPa, Journaling life, learning To Pray, same home over fifty years. Five sons and GKids.
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