Chocolate Prayers

Creamy soft and sweet to the palate’ in good taste, to please “OUR” senses but inside we’re coming to a boiling point ready to explode with the passion Paul admonished us “To present ‘OUR’ bodies as a living sacrifice holy and acceptable to ‘OUR’ Father which is reasonable after all He’s done for us.” It is the best thing we can do staying away from those elite, so called well-adjusted smart, namby-pamby, syrupy, self-satisfying, that fit in and offends no one. It’s what “OUR” kids catch from us, taught in the schools by mob rule.

Instead; “BE”ing changed from the inside out to be quick about what You want us to do. To dance like King David, naked and exposed embarrassing his wife, a free spirit to “BE” all You have meant for us to “BE” even when met with contempt.

To see from where You have bought us to “BE”come just as we are, presented in Your presence a holy, just person named among Your “BE”loved ones in Heaven to “BE” as right as Your Son who paid the debt of “OUR” transgression to bring us here to this place.

“OUR” heart leaps at the foretaste of “BE”ing in Your domain with all “OUR” shackles removed. Dancing, singing and praising Your Holy name for making us fit to “BE” among Your Holy host, doing Your will in good taste here as it is above. You give us Your Word to say for us today, one day at a time, sweet Jesus, from a song of a soul set free.

Forgiven and cleansed from all un-right-in-us when we admit “OUR” sin that chains us to the world’s standards that are perishing. We hate to see others caught in the same web that think it is strange we don’t run with them.

Show us the way out of “OUR” poverty and pride that would destroy “OUR” sin sick soul. Deliver us from the evil one set out to eat “OUR” lunch. We see him for who he is.

“OUR” mind is fixed on a higher plane of You “BE”ing right-in-us giving us power to overcome and give the glory to Jesus who redeems and resurrects us to the original, restored bodily, to live forever in His presence.

We think it not strange that those who kill the body cannot deliver “OUR” souls to hell. We are not afraid of their threats and terror, for they know what they do when the mob rules. We are worth far more than these fallen sparrows.

We know whom we have “BE”lived the life of Your Son again and are persuaded the He is able to keep us from falling and present us faultless against that day of His appearing where no one and nothing will be able to separate from the love of Christ. We are more than conquerors through Him who loved us!


About prayersjourney

Elder, retired, GPa, Journaling life, learning To Pray, same home over fifty years. Five sons and GKids.
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