Natural/ Unatural Disaster

Natural Disaster

“Folks are dumb where I come from, Had no Book nor learnin, They’re doin what comes naturally!


Unnatural Disaster

We’ve brought this upon ourselves in “OUR” unbelief Father. We did not pay attention to the warning signs of what in the world is going on, is happening to us.

Like Noah and The Ark where can we go for safety? The storms are coming to hit us where we live might “BE” natural, but what about “OUR” unnatural tendency to weather out the storm? “OUR” “grit our teeth and bear it” mentality may “BE” “OUR” undoing? We are not alone in “OUR” unbelief of who You are. Who can we turn to?

We all could drown in a sea of togetherness to ignore You plan of rescue to save  us from ourselves.

What is holy about accusing “OUR” Father? Why would He punish His children even after “We’d rather do it our self” attitude?

A Hallowed “BE”ing named among the “BE”loved of “OUR” Father by adoption through His One and only Son into His family, a Kingdom not of “OUR” own making with on hands experience but an eternal Kingdom made in the heavens that is completed after His will finished in “OUR” “earthsuits” like it is in Heaven.

We turn to Your Word on it to give light and direction where we stand today. “OUR” daily dose of the bread of life to feed “OUR” souls with messages for this day in time to meet “OUR” needs moment by moment in confidence of “BE”ing lost in Your love. “OUR” hope is in You “BE”ing right in us!

Restore unto us the joy of “OUR” salvation, the forgiveness of “OUR” sin of unbelief. We owe You a debt of love that You paid freely for what we deserved. Justice, not mercy in not getting what we deserve, but by grace in receiving what is undeserved.

New life now, what is natural about that? It is what You have done, not what we do. How can we do less than forgive those who sin against us?

It’s not natural to revel in “OUR” sin and despair being tempted beyond which we are able, but in the temptation find a way of escape.

Deliver us from the evil one who seeks to destroy, we pray. AMEN!

Your Dominion is best suited for us in these “skin costumes”. You give us power to overcome, “BE”ing restored bodily in the Ark of safety is “Glorious” and the longevity of Your presence, “Priceless”!


About prayersjourney

Elder, retired, GPa, Journaling life, learning To Pray, same home over fifty years. Five sons and GKids.
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