Repeat “OUR” Lord’s Prayer To Pray as He taught us To Pray. Restore “OUR” hearts and minds knowing who You are.

Remake us into Your I AM age good enough to “BE” known as You are known.

Remold us to Your original intent of a real righteous person in Your sight.

Rename us with Your title as Saints of Heaven: Christ ones, as Sons-of-God. “Hallowed BE”!

Will You at this time Reinvent Your Kingdom? Recreate Your Rule with rules renewed to reward Your right to rule personally inside every “BE”liver willing to live Your life again inside these “earthsuits”.

Remove all doubt and fear with a Word from Heaven every moment of every day with reefed messages to Your messenger with morsels and scraps off Your table bread of Heaven. Refresh us with the milk of Your Words from Your breast to feel Your heartbeat the original plan redone in “OUR” desire for the meat of who we are in You, solid, completely restored bodily resurrected filled with the Holy Spirit.

Relight the flame of passion of lovers within us to “BE” walking hand in hand, beside one another, forgiven and free, cleansed from all un-right-in-us, pure and clean in Your eyes. That’s where we want to “BE” dressed in white as brides.

All “OUR” inequities paid in full to make it level at the foot of the cross. Reprove and represent “OUR” bodies as living, holy sacrifices acceptable to You. It is the only reasonable thing we can do considering what You have done for us.

Repave the way out of this destruction and grief that so easily besets us into Your life everlasting, delivered from the evil one.

Remold and remake us after Your will and restore unto us the joy of Your salvation. Then we can tell the story of Jesus and His love. Every Word written on “OUR” hearts gives us power in the glory of Your resurrection where You can say that it is good, real good!


About prayersjourney

Elder, retired, GPa, Journaling life, learning To Pray, same home over fifty years. Five sons and GKids.
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