Credit Score

“OUR” Approval ratings finally rest in what counts with You Father. To “BE” numbered among those called by You to “BE” named in the journals of Heaven.

How we rate with You on a scale of “Hallowed Be” is what really matters. The A, B, C’s of life’s grades are not enough. Two AA’s with a + plus falls short of triple AAA means what insures “OUR” guaranteed standing is at risk in a Nation without honor. Your standard of perfection leaves us wanting.

“BE” perfect as “OUR” Father in Heaven is perfect; we have missed the mark. There is none who do good, for all have sinned and come short of the glory of God. There in none righteous, no not one.

How can it “BE”? To rate performance and not the performer escapes trust. Confidence lost is like “Paradise Lost” when He who is on a pedestal gets knocked off.

When Your Kingdom lost luster at a time of falling short of a mark in a standard we have set for “OUR” self based upon what we “DO” instead of what You have “DONE” willingly to completely restore Your honor to a standard of praise and worship as the Angels in Heaven “DO” in Your presence around Your Throne.

You give us Your Word and it is good enough for us today. We “BE”live it again when we receive it as morsels of food to feed “OUR” souls. Real life is not just in the taste and see how good it is but it is in the strength it brings to “OUR” body to “BE” restored to fullness and greatness, resurrected to walk again in newness of life.

It is You who wipe the slate clean of debt with compassion that overcomes all we owe one another in a world of love and forgiveness. The standard is raised when we’ve missed the mark in the bulls’ eye of Your love. You raise us up!

Pick us out and lead us, not into depression of unbelief to “BE” tested beyond what we are able to endure, but in this chaos find the way out of this mess of great distress. The evil one would keep us captive but in the temptation You show us the way of escape.

You are worthy to Rule with all the right rules that are right to give glory, honor, wisdom and strength to praise where it “BE”longs forever in Your sight, Holy and just!

You have given us Your One and only Son to “BE” for us what we could never “BE” “OUR” self as right as He is in Your sight, that meets Your standard, “OUR” Father!

Your eyes search to and fro to find anyone who “BE”holds Your only Son as the Right One.

“OUR” Father is of purer eyes than to behold evil.”


About prayersjourney

Elder, retired, GPa, Journaling life, learning To Pray, same home over fifty years. Five sons and GKids.
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