What Were We Thinking?

To Think We could get away entering into Your glory by the skin of “OUR” teeth? “OUR” Attention Deficit Disorder kicked in once again and led us astray into a world of silly instantaneous actions that will crucify us. “OUR” ADD in childhood innocence caused others to laugh it off, but to carry these instant thoughts into adulthood is not funny anymore. Spontaneous actions without regard of who You are within us to “BE” Hallowed because we carry the name of the Most High on “OUR” shoulders, “BE”ing named as Your Son through the faith that Jesus gives. “OUR” Cross to bear is looked upon in the World’s view as something they know nothing about and is disdainful because of their unbelief. Who will go for us and tell them? Who will go and say You are King of King and Lord of Lord’s? Who can we turn to? To whom shall we go? We do not want to leave You too. No, We know that You have the Word of life which is  the only way, truth and the life to Rule in “OUR” behalf. Your will to “BE” done completes Your longing and love for us here in “OUR” time in space, on this planet, for the here and now. Give us daily what we need to see You at work in “BE”ing alive and well in us, even with “OUR” handicap. For-give, giving us in advance pardon for acting without thinking about the sin that so easily besets us. We owe You and each other a huge debt of love we could never repay. We see the way out of this mess is not in pretending to be good enough to escape the evil ones clutches and get away with deficit spending or anything, but “OUR” deep down inside of us hope is for Your Kingdom to Rule in power and great glory beyond “OUR” time on earth go on forever. “You never (ever) leave us or forsake us!”


About prayersjourney

Elder, retired, GPa, Journaling life, learning To Pray, same home over fifty years. Five sons and GKids.
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