“Come” Lord Jesus

Thy Kingdom “COME”


I AM so used to His coming again and again for me (like the hound dog of Heaven, hot on my trail, never, ever, leaving me alone). I AM dumb down or numb down the grace of and favor of being loved. I AM unable to recognize the lover of my soul. I AM like hard-hearted Hanna from Savannah, callous to the touch of being made love to. It’s the un-godly sensual senseless actions that destroy the soulness soundness of His reaching into this heart of mine. Unwilling to be open, exposed, and even embarrassed by our nakedness before Him, the only one who truly loves me and desires each of us individually as His person. I AM closed to His advances to hold and caress me. His care rejected leaves us lonely with anxious unloved feelings of poor self-worth leading to self-destruction.

Recognizing self worthlessness, admitting sensual sinfulness, confessing an overwhelming sense of separation, agreeing with His whisper in our ear; His presence in us saying “I Love You” are first steps to possession of His personal life payment for us “Just As I Am”, a purchased possession, prized and precious to “OUR” Lover, the purchaser. Who am I to tarnish the gift of life for Him who is Our Lord and Savior? Consider “OUR” to mean that we and us are a part of you, “OUR” Lord Jesus. “OUR” as in “OUR” Father includes all who would believe in Him.

I AM open to His mastery over our life. We neither want nor desire any other. His Spirit overwhelms us and abides in us forever – leading us directly into His realm, His “KINGDOM COME”.

I AM His and He is “OURS”, No one and nothing else can separate from the love of God, which is found in Christ Jesus, “OUR” Lord and Master. No other thought, fact from fiction, He is our choice as Lover of our soul. The real I AM (me, myself and I).

I AM married to the Lord Jesus – Come Lover fill our arms, fill our heart, and fill our soul. How can we do less than give Him our best and thank Him for all the rest? When I AM fully grown up, I AM to “BE” exactly like Him! Fit to see Him face to face, ready for His home in Heaven. He is coming again to receive us unto Himself.
“We present our bodies, a living sacrifice, wholly, Holy, acceptable to you, which is reasonable, seeing what you do for us. Don’t let us press the world’s view of you into our view of the world, squeezed into it’s mold, not being conformed to their pattern or their standards. But, let us be transformed by changing our mind about You, that you may prove what is Holy and acceptable, perfect, will of God.” (Personal version; Rom.12:1,2)


About prayersjourney

Elder, retired, GPa, Journaling life, learning To Pray, same home over fifty years. Five sons and GKids.
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