Childlike Faith

To “BE”live the stories of Jesus, write on my heart every Word, free of all guile. Guilt  and pain. Born free into a family of God, “OUR” Father “BE”comes all knowing. That we “BE”long to “BE” in Your presence, someone special. No way could we ever have dreamt You up. It is You who come so easily to us that we can run, dance, sing and play as all Your children.

We receive Your love songs and stories, jumping with joy In reckless abandon, without restraints to praise You for who You are in this holy awareness to please You because You first loved us with what we do and say. We give shouts of glee with “OUR” playmates in a safe haven of resting secure in Your arms.

When we are like little Angels on holy ground we are full of praise and vigor of youthfulness no matter “OUR” age. We “BE”live again every Word You give us to “BE” Sons-of-God!

Having lived now for over 28,000 days, what You see is not all get. Inside we are still that little child we used to “BE”, trusting in You. Days of spoil and ruin, You came to snatch us out of the fire pit by the nap of “OUR” neck and plant “OUR” feet on holy ground again.

How could we ever forget it; what You do to rescue us from “OUR” moments of unbelief. Days almost done, low sinks the sun, win the lost at any cost.

We run to You out of “OUR” poverty, sin and loss, into Your wholeness, “OUR” Savior of the Cross, to “BE” delivered from the evil one who seeks to destroy Your investment to restore us bodily into Your original intent of “BE”ing Your child again.

Thank You, Father!


About prayersjourney

Elder, retired, GPa, Journaling life, learning To Pray, same home over fifty years. Five sons and GKids.
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