We’ve Just Gotta Talk

Someday these God-thoughts behind closed eyelids will “BE” opened for all to see and we will “BE” judged by “OUR” God secret conscience words. “OUR” Father, where are we coming from? We are not alone because others are coming out of the closet to express what they have told You in private.

It takes Holy boldness to admit these conscience words surface in emotional feelings we can’t even name. Hallowed halls of fame that honor You alone for “OUR” bail-out and also a sense of shame for even thinking we could do that act of disobedience and get away with it. You rule and You are right to rule when no one else will listen to “OUR” lame excuses. We yell, scream, march and party, party, party ‘til we are sick of it. We’re running out of ideas of how to battle the injustice we see in “OUR” own little space of time. It is not working for us and is only getting worse. HELP!

We are out of control and need to “BE” doing what You whisper in “OUR” ear, but it takes guts to admit to something so practical as to do what You have planned for us before the creation of “OUR” time with You. Your best is better that what we could dream up. Can we look for it to “BE” finished, completely done in “OUR” mind? That would “BE” Heavenly!

Your gift of Love and listening to “OUR” inner “BE”ing where You dwell causes us to hear just a Word, a tid-bit for this day, Today how to handle what You have in store for us. You know how sorry we really are in missing the mark You map out for us. You never complain, condemn or condone actions that You can’t look upon because You are of purer eyes. We owe You and one another a debt of Love for forgiveness of “OUR” sin.

Show us how to live above the circumstances we are under. The desire that attracts us to separate our self from You is overwhelming and would destroy us if it weren’t up to You to save us. The evil one is on us like a roaring Lion seeking whom he can eat up. Deliver us from its grip and lead us how to escape his terror. There is no way out of this dilemma unless You take full control and overrule the power he has on us. Would that honor You if we were to take Your hand and let You “Do It”?

Lord, I’ll shut up now and try to listen.


About prayersjourney

Elder, retired, GPa, Journaling life, learning To Pray, same home over fifty years. Five sons and GKids.
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