A New Name

Oh God “OUR” help in ages past,

“OUR” Hope for years to come;

“OUR” shelter from the stormy blast,

And “OUR” eternal Home!

“OUR” Father, You are a shield and protector. You are Holy, wholly holy.

All of You, we want all of You. Fill us with Your Holy presence, come, Oh come and fill us now.

Name above all names, glorious Savior, marvelous Lord. A Title and a deed to an everlasting house, make us a blessing, “BE”ing busy about Your business. We are members together in Your Kingdom, ruled with all the right rules within us that says: “Way to go Pilgrim!”

Not will to let any go, Your search and rescue, that all come to know who You are and have a change of mind and heart toward You is Heaven on earth is us.

Your gracious gift this day feeds us with Your presence to see and hear You in Your Love song. A Word that nourishes “OUR” hunger for You in these days.

Sorry to have missed out in trusting You to fill all “OUR” needs according to Your riches in the glory that is in Christ Jesus. He paid it all, all to Him we owe, sin has left a crimson stain, He washed us white as snow. May we see even “OUR” enemies as He does? We owe the everlasting love of Jesus!

Show us the way out of “OUR” poverty and into Your wealth; our of “OUR” sorrow, sadness and night, into Your freedom, gladness and light. Jesus we come to You!

“BE”ing delivered from the evil one’s shame and loss; into Your love life, sharing Your Cross.

Your Kingdom comes in great power and glory to lead us to “OUR” everlasting Home!

About prayersjourney

Elder, retired, GPa, Journaling life, learning To Pray, same home over fifty years. Five sons and GKids.
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