One Hour

It only takes an hour to sort out “OUR” thoughts to You Father. Because of who You are and who we are racing into a place where Angles stand in awe. Heaven is a wonderful place and to barge in with “OUR” impressions is impressive. With o feelings of guilt, we know You listen for us too get “OUR” thoughts organized. We have to write them down before they become they lapse from “OUR” mind. 

“OUR” thoughts are not original with us but prevail across the globe. We ask. When we pray in “OUR” own words that happen to be English, but who am I, only one in thousands asking for You to intervene in the world today.

Here we stand on Holy ground all because You Son made us to “BE” named Holy in Your sight by what He has done to prove Your Word true to “OUR” “BE”ing righteous.

Just in time for the storm coming in the middle of the night at lightning speed raising blood pressure 155/96 with a pulse rate of 124 and Pace Maker is of no effect. To have lived 28,900 days and not missed a meal, we are blessed. You have given us Word to feed “OUR” souls every day in a song hear and a comment there. We quote what we see, hear and handle of Your Word daily.

What have we missed? You Rule is right and Your right to rule is right. Who are we to not pay attention what You say is good for us?

It’s a sin to know to do good and not do it, we must admit we owe You O-BE-DIE-NCE, dying to selfish pride instead of raising “OUR” ugly heads to rebel what You have said. Can we treat others as You treat us?

To “BE” or not to “BE” is not in question but to escape their terror in the night and the turmoil of the day, delivered from the evil one who seeks to destroy is what we cry out to You, the only One to deliver.


About prayersjourney

Elder, retired, GPa, Journaling life, learning To Pray, same home over fifty years. Five sons and GKids.
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