You Deserve it.

Go ahead “OUR” Father, You are in position to “BE” above what You can see going on around us and not lose Your cool.

Your Holiness is what we need to “BE” called Sons-of-God. You named us stamped U.S. Choice when You adopted us with titles that only the Kings kids deserve.

If we ever get what’s coming to us it wouldn’t be mercy, it would be grace in a gift of Love undeserved. A place where we are planted in a family created by You to survive these present dark days of bankruptcy unable to repay so great a debt.

Your will for us to prosper and be healthy is complete when You are in charge of “OUR” affairs. It’s a gift to know whom You are when we are fed daily with a true Word from above.

We can hear You above the noise and the din of the world. So many voices screaming, but only a solo rises quietly within us to hush their shouts.

Forgive us all for the sin that would omit Your Word to us how to do the right thing. We’ve seen the light and we are not ignoring the fact of “BE”ing exposed and embarrassed by “OUR” naked deeds of greed.

We blush at the thought that we have lost “OUR” way and have no one to bail us out of this sinking ship. We deserve to drown in “OUR” garbage but get streets of gold instead when the evil one is defeated.

You are “OUR” King and rule from above al we could ever ask or think. You are powerful influence to deliver us from evil. It is no wonder every knee shall bow in Your glory forever


About prayersjourney

Elder, retired, GPa, Journaling life, learning To Pray, same home over fifty years. Five sons and GKids.
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