Killing Jesus


Far away new factor of falling away from a once enlightened cloud of witnesses who partake of a Heavenly calling, the Holy Spirit reveals who we are in Christ. Is it possible to have tasted and seen how good “OUR” Father is giving us His Word, showing us repentance and faith results in a far better world to come, to renew again, seeing the shame of killing Jesus again, they themselves having handled the Word of life and given good gifts to “OUR” children, slink back from what was once “OUR” heritage to “OUR” Children’s children.

Are we no longer crucified with Christ? Was it all talk that fell short of “BE”living again His life is in us, or just going along with the flow and now persecuting and putting to open shame the Lord Jesus? Will He need to reprove the world of sin? Who shall separate us from His love with all the distress and distrust in the world?

They are killing us again, yet after all we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us. Nothing, absolutely nothing can separate us from His love! When the Spirit of truth “BE” known we’ll bear witness because we’ve been with Jesus from the beginning. There’s no turning back, no turning back!

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Don’t “BE” Bitter, Reconsider


O Lord, “OUR” Lord You know “OUR” walk with You, trusting without wavering, we’re still here in spite slip and slide under mistreatment endured under a load of turmoil. You know better, “OUR” Father what is deserved. It’s a fact, it’s not pride for we are not perfect but kept upright under unjust attacks.

We can do no wrong in Your eyes when we’ve been with Jesus. Check us out and know “OUR” heart is in the right place. “Examine, try and test and know “OUR” anxious thoughts.” Look to see if we have hurt You in any way and lead us to “OUR” eternal home that no one can take away.

The way You fill “OUR” life, we are an open book with You. You know the desires and intent of “OUR” heart. Your lovingkindness is ever before “OUR” eyes. You love with an everlasting love and will not doubt or drift from what You delight in. It “is” better to obey.

You “BE” the judge of other’s sin against us. We will not mess around with them. We are innocent at Your Altar, O Lord. We wash “OUR” hands of them. We are made pure by pardon of Your Son. We are positive and “OUR” attitude of gratitude is for clearing the way to a sound mind!

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We’re Surrounded


Is real! Everyone is watching and waiting to see “What’s Next?” There is great a great crowd of witnesses, who can mistake it? We have been with You “OUR” Father who is in Heaven, looking back and forth in all the earth to see Your Just-ones. Those You have named for Your “BE”loved Son; “Christ-ones!”

Holiness is on display when the kingdom of this world names Him for who He is. They can’t help it, “DO”ing what You will when the earth is encircled with Heaven. Your giving us Your Word, “This is the day of ‘OUR’ Lord.” “BE”live it! Look out today and see those who clamor for justice that is “BE”ing fulfilled before their very eyes. It’s golden and it’s “Glorious!” Your Word in these “earthsuits” is at work in the world today.

Forgive us “OUR” sins for we have trespassed Your Sacred ground. We are standing on Your promises to forgive as we forgive for they don’t know what they are doing. Lead us, not into the chaos disbelievers’ cause but deliver us from the evil one. Your Kingdom comes to rule in Majesty and power with great glory forever!

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Love Fest


Reason so many are weak and listless among us, who don’t care to think about “OUR” part in remembering You are “OUR” Master. When we look at “OUR” motives, the test really comes in who we are, “OUR” identity.
“Hallowed” “BE”ings!

We stand in Holy Awe when we come together as one that brings out Your best in us. The truth “BE” known and we confirm it. We worship You O Lord and give thanks for what breaks us. Your broken body and blood spilt reenacts Your Word in action of the death of “OUR” Master. We are drawn back again and again to familiar scenes of what completes Your Word in us. May we never let familiarity breed contempt!

Jesus is Master, the Spirit reveals in us to deliver us from the evil one. The gift of eternal life in power and glory among us is in communion.

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“OUR” Shepherd’s Psalm

So, who do you think will direct “OUR” pathway now? Who can we trust to get us out of this mess? Daddy Can! “OUR” Father, You are Lord over it all! We don’t have to “BE” afraid, You have overcome the world. No fear when You are near!

You’re not like the blind leading the blind in what in the world is going on. They’re doing what comes naturally. Folks are dumb where I come from, they had no books or learning and cannot find there way.

You own us, we didn’t make that. You name it and we’ll claim it. How wholly is that? No one else can “do it” and we can’t “do it” our self. Only You can put us in the place where we belong. “BE” side You there is no other name that comes close to deliver us from the evil one and restore us to the original.

There’s no turning back, You’ve named us and no one can deny it, we are Your restored souls. Out of Your storehouse of abundance You give and give and give again, abundantly, beyond all we could ever ask for or think of. With joy unspeakable and full of glory You escort us to a quiet place prepared for us to “BE”. The enemy can’t touch us now.

Surely goodness and mercy will follow us all the days of “OUR” lives to Your secret hiding place to dwell forever!

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Gold, Honey and Words


Your Word is hid in “OUR” heart Father to keep “OUR” heart in tune with You. “OUR” words are in a language of love we learned as a child. To think about it, it is part of who we are in Your sight. We listen with ears to hear what You say. Solid rock like diamonds or gold is precious in sight of You. Refined gold purified through fire melts “OUR” hearts to taste and see how sweet it is to “BE” honey dripping words of “OUR” heart to say we love You.

Your finger prints are all over us; “love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, and self-control re-molds and makes us into Your I AM age. Named with Your name above all other names, we are acceptable to “BE” adopted into Your family as “Christ-ones!”  How precious is that? How sweet it is to know You, who to know is life eternal. No one can ever take that away.

It is Your Word in this “earth-bound-suit.” Soon we will shed it like a cocoon and put on “OUR” new robe right-in-us to “BE” pure and white in Your sight forever more!

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Quarreling and Fighting


Do you think it just happens? Think again. We get in the way of a battle, choose sides willing to get blood on “OUR” hands because what we want isn’t what we’re supposed to have and will risk “doing it” “OUR”selves to get “OUR” hands on it, never stopping long enough to ask “OUR” Father for it. Why not? We know we have no right to it, like spoiled children, each wanting their own way.

We’re enemies, “OUR” Father, when we flirt with the world every chance we get. We suppose You don’t care and arn’t in love with us any more, then what? What You give us, Your Word for today, “I love you” is far better than anything we could ask or think of. We find anybody knowingly going up against You “OUR” Father is willfully proud, but You give grace to the willingly humble. You’re not willing anyone perish but come to change “OUR” mind and trust You. So, let us quit playing the field, dabbling in sin and face it. We need You to purify “OUR” motives.

We get serious and cry “OUR” eyes out when we hit bottom. We’re on “OUR” knees Master; put us on “OUR” feet. Deliver us from the evil one. It is the only way to get over these fun and games. The Royal rule is to honor Your Message and not the graffiti.

“OUR” Father, You decide “OUR” destiny. Who do we think we are to meddle in the middle of a fight? You have loved us with an everlasting love!

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